The work of CRUSADA/ CLaRO researcher Dr. Patria Rojas has recently been highlighted in the national media on NBC News ( and Telemundo (, respectively featured in English and Spanish.
Dr. Rojas leads the CLaRO research project titled Hispanic Men Building Respect, Education, and Safety within Families (HoMBRES).
Weblinks are provided below:
NBC News:

Latina researcher breaks sexual taboos in an effective HIV prevention program

The study focused on arming Latinas in Florida farmworker communities with knowledge about their bodies, sex and how to use a female condom.


Telemundo News:

Una investigadora enseña a trabajadoras del campo a tener sexo seguro para evitar el SIDA

Patria Rojas, investigadora y profesora de FIU, ayuda a las trabajadores latinas agrícolas a tener sexo más seguro para evitar contraer el SIDA.