Center for Latino Health Research Opportunities (CLaRO)

HoMBRES de Familia

Hispanic Men Building Respect, Education, and Safety within Families

HoMBRES de Familia collaboratively engages with the Latino seasonal farmworker community to develop an evidence-based intervention for adult males and their adolescent sons that targets substance abuse, family violence, and HIV/AIDS within an integrated framework.

The study utilizes a mixed-methods design in the adaptation, implementation, and evaluation of the HoMBRES de Familia intervention.

The study aims to:

Conduct a community assessment that will inform the adaptation of an evidence-based intervention targeting the SAVA syndemic among adult males and their adolescent sons (ages 13-17) in the Latino seasonal farmworker community.

In equitable partnership with the community, adapt, implement, and evaluate the preliminary efficacy of the adapted intervention.

In collaboration with CLaRO’s Community/Scientific Advisory Board and the Community Engagement and Dissemination Core, develop an effective dissemination plan that engages community members, partnering organizations, service providers, and other stakeholders in disseminating study findings into a sustainable intervention to reduce SAVA-related health disparities among males in the Latino seasonal farmworker community.

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