Center for Latino Health Research Opportunities (CLaRO)

Mitrani, V.B., O’Day, J.E., Norris, T.B., & Adebayo, O.W. (2017). Development and dissemination of the El Centro Health Disparities Measures Library. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 49(5), 564-571.

In order to conduct appropriate health disparities research, research instruments should be available in both English and Spanish languages for the populations that they serve. The Center of Excellence for Health Disparities Research: El Centro, a program funded by the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities, aimed to create a library of common measures that were available in both English and Spanish and were supported by research evidence for use with the Hispanic population. At the time of publication, the measures library contained over 60 measures representing several areas of research, including child/adolescent research, HIV/AIDS, and substance use. The El Centro Measures Library will continue to be expanded to contribute to the advancement of health disparities research by increasing researchers’ accessibility to measures that have been used with Spanish-speaking populations. In the future, it would be useful to gather feedback from researchers using measures in the library to assess how the measures perform in studies including different groups of Hispanic individuals.