Dr. Audrey Harkness, Principal Investigator in CLaRO’s first cohort of Pilot Studies, was recently named Principal Investigator of a study within a National Institutes of Health P30 grant.

SOMOS Alianza: Developing a Strategic Alliance across Three HIV Epicenters to Achieve Ending the HIV Epidemic Goals among Latino MSM. NIH/NIMH 3P30MH116867-04S1. Harkness (PI). 08/09/22 – 02/28/24


Additionally, Dr. Harkness continues to serve as Principal Investigator of the studies listed below.

  • Developing and Pilot Testing Peer Ambassador Stories for Increasing HIV-Prevention and Behavioral Health Treatment Uptake among Latino MSM. NIMHD Administrative Supplement to K23 (see below). Harkness (PI). 09/25/21 – 03/31/23
  • The Juntos Referral Network: Planning an Implementation Strategy to Enhance the Reach of HIV Prevention and Treatment Services to Latino MSM and Address Intersectional Insecurities. NIMH Ending the HIV Epidemic Administrative Supplement through P30 MH116867. Harkness (PI). 9/1/21 – 8/31/22 (projected)
  • Addressing Latino MSM Health Disparities by Increasing Engagement with Behavioral and HIV-Prevention Services: An Implementation Science Approach. NIH/NIMHD K23MD015690. Harkness (PI). 9/25/20 – 3/31/25
  • NIH Health Disparities Loan Repayment Award, National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (2019-2022)


A profile of Dr. Harkness’s research can be found here:  https://claro.fiu.edu/2022/07/14/audrey-harkness-profile/