Center for Latino Health Research Opportunities (CLaRO)

Training Institutes

The CLaRO Training Institute on Health Disparities is a training program that aims to provide early career investigators with research experience and to increase their skills so they can ultimately develop and submit competitive NIH R-level research grant applications. Topics discussed in this training program include: NIMHD’s health disparities research framework, etiology of health disparities in Latino populations, grantsmanship, and responsible conduct of research issues that are particularly relevant to health disparities research.

The most recent CLaRO Training Institute, held January 2022,  was titled “Latino Health Disparities Research Training Institute.” Due to ongoing concerns with the Omicron variant of COVID-19, this Training Institute was held virtually.

Although the January 2022 CLaRO Training Institutes was held virtually, we are planning in-person follow-up mentoring and networking events for early stage investigators who focus on health disparities research.

Participants of the inaugural CLaRO Training Institute on Health Disparities in 2018 (July 27 – August 5)

2019 Presentations

Knowing the NIH Review Process
Guillermo Prado

Career Development Trajectories for Early Career Stage Investigators
Adelaida M. Rosario

Introduction to Implementation Science: Core Concepts and Research Methods
J.D. Smith

Introduction to Adaptive Interventions and Sequentially Randomized Trial Designs
Daniel Almirall

Conceptualizing and Writing the Specific Aims of a Grant Application
Guillermo Prado

Epidemiology of Substance Abuse Among Latinos — National and Local Perspectives
Mario De La Rosa

Cognitive Behavioral Self and Stress Management to Reduce Symptom Burden in Hispanic Men Treated for Prostate Cancer
Frank Penedo

Behavioral Theories to Conceptualize and Address Health Disparities Affecting Sexual Minority Communities
Audrey Harkness

K Awards and Early Career Grant Applications
Guillermo Prado

Using Qualitative Methods to Develop a Family-based Digital Obesity Prevention Intervention for Hispanic Parents and Adolescents
Sara St. George

Human Subjects Information for NIH Applications
Victoria Mitrani

Developing a Research Plan, Part I
Guillermo Prado

Treatment Development Research: A Look at Key Stages, Strategies, and Methods
Daniel Santisteban

Biomarkers of Substance Abuse and HIVAIDS Prevention
Adam Carrico

HIV Prevention in the Digital Era: Is there an app for that?
Jose Bauermeister

Using Technology in HIV Research with Youth
Maria Isabel Fernandez

Developing a Research Plan, Part II
Guillermo Prado

Syndemic and Community Engaged Research Addressing Latino Health Disparities
Rosa Gonzalez-Guarda

Budgets and Justifications
Marina Alvarez and Christian Ruiz

An Introduction to Geospatial Analysis for Health Disparities Research
Justin Stoler

The Squeaky Wheel: How I Got an F31
Cynthia Lebron

Implementation Science and It’s Intimate Connection to Health Equity
C. Hendricks Brown