CLaRO conducts and promotes multi-level community-based participatory research to prevent SAVA (substance abuse, violence/trauma and HIV/AIDS) syndemic conditions, aiming to reduce their adverse health and mental health consequences. The Center’s focus is to develop interventions tailored for vulnerable Latino subgroups, such as seasonal farmworkers, sexual/gender minorities, and youth.

Specific Aims

Provide leadership and an organizational support system for research, investigator development, and community engagement and dissemination.

Conduct multi-level, community-based research projects aimed at developing and testing tailored interventions to prevent or reduce SAVA conditions among vulnerable Latino subgroups.

Conduct a Pilot Projects Program, articulated with career enhancement activities, to advance the scientific careers of diverse early-career health disparity researchers.

Promote sustainable and evidence-based strategies that build community capacity to improve the health of vulnerable Latino groups in Miami-Dade County.

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