The Center for Latino Health Research Opportunities (CLaRO) strongly condemns racism and inhumane acts, including police brutality, against members of the Black community. The death of George Floyd has refocused the nation’s attention to the grave, systemic injustices experienced by Black men and women in the United States. It reminds us that racism is a social ill that must be eradicated for Black individuals to have true justice and be treated as equal members of our society. For such change to occur, our public and private institutions and organizations can no longer be based on a value system that promotes institutional racism. CLaRO reaffirms its social justice mission, which is to combat health disparities, racism, and all forms of discrimination that affect Latino, Black, sexual/gender minority and other marginalized communities. The Center will redouble its efforts to conduct community-based research that can contribute to the development and implementation of interventions that improve the health of minority communities. CLaRO will continue to be a catalyst for change—advancing the careers of future generations of health disparities researchers and working to create a more diverse scientific workforce.

Victoria Behar-Zusman and Mario De La Rosa
Principal Investigators
Center for Latino Health Research Opportunities (CLaRO)